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Kanawha Mg'er Spring into Gardening - May 7, 2016

May 7, 2016

Gardening on the Edge:  The Latest Trends in Horticulture

Keynote Presentation

9:30 to 10:30AM     In the Clubhouse Oak Room
Gardening is constantly changing, with new trends showing up every day.  Find out how the latest trends in gardening influence gardeners and their plans.  From vertical gardens and green roofs to Halloween poinsettias and "Sunpatiens," Bryce Lane will talk about what's new in the world of plants and gardening ideas.
Presenter:  Bryce Lane
An award winning teacher in Horticulture at North Carolina State University, Bryce Lane brings over 35 years of horticultural experience to this event.  He is the host of the Emmy award-winning garden show “In the Garden with Bryce Lane.”  The show features Bryce’s garden, where he has been gardening for 30 years, and gardens throughout the US.  The show highlights many different gardening practices, and most of all, plants for American home gardens

Gardening Workshops
11AM to 12Noon                              Oak Room
Raised Bed Gardening with John Porter in the Clubhouse Oak Room
John Porter will explain different types of raised beds, the pros and cons of this type of garden, and how to construct a successful raised bed.
John Porter is the WVU Extension agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources in Kanawha County.  He is the author of the weekly “Garden Guru” column in the Sunday Charleston Gazette-Mail.

11AM to 12Noon                              Family Center
Attracting Birds to the Garden with
Doren Burrell in the Family Center
Learn how to attract songbirds to your garden, including what to plant and what else to do to make the birds happy.

12:30 to 1:30PM                                Oak Room
Gardening in Containers: The Trend That Keeps on Growing

Container gardening is on fire! Growing plants in containers is still a popular trend among "yardeners" and gardeners alike. Bryce Lane will describe many different kinds of container gardens, from living walls to green roofs and miniature gardens.
Presenter:  Bryce Lane
Bryce Lane is the day’s keynote speaker, and an award-winning teacher in Horticulture at North Carolina State University.

12:30 to 1:30PM                                Family Center
Attracting and Protecting Bees with Boots to Bees in the Family Center

This agriculture program for veterans has great ideas on how to attract all types of bees to the garden.  Make a beehive, too!

About Kanawha County
Master Gardeners

The Kanawha County Master Gardeners Association enables local Master Gardeners to assist the local WVU Extension Service in disseminating horticultural information to the public, helps Master Gardeners continue their gardening education, and supports community programs and projects.
Have you thought about becoming a Master Gardener?  Check with John Porter, WVU Extension agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources in Kanawha County, to find out when and how to join the next Master Gardener training.  To reach John, call the Kanawha County Extension office at 304-720-9573 or email him at John.Porter@mail.wvu.edu.

Visit the Kanawha County Master Gardeners’ Plant Sale at the Schoenbaum Amphitheater from 9AM to 2PM today.  Find beautiful plants from Master Gardeners’ home gardens for a wide variety of gardens.

Spring into Gardening
Saturday, May 7
Coonskin Park Clubhouse and Family Center
Are you a beginning gardener or just looking for a new outlook?  Spring into Gardening will give you some new ideas and help maximize your hard work to create a great garden this year.
Presented by the WVU Extension Kanawha County Master Gardener Association, this program costs $10 and is open to the public.  You may register and pay online or by mailing a registration blank and your check.  Visit Kanawha.ext.wvu.edu/springintogardening for both options.  Mail downloaded forms and check to: KCMGA, c/o P.O. Box 10261, Charleston, WV, 25357.  For more information about Spring into Gardening, email springintogardening@gmail.com.            

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